Shanxi, cloaked by the mountains and girded by the rivers, is a place endowed with the fine spirits of the universe. Five-thousand-year history makes it the Chinese nation’s ancestral land and a cradle of the Chinese Nation. The Nature bestowed on this land of both natural and cultural treasures
Profile for Guandi Temple in Haizhou
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Profile for Guandi Temple in Haizhou

Guandi Temple was built for worshiping the famous general Guanyu in the three kingdoms dynasty. It is the biggest Wu Temple of the country. Guanyu, who was born in Yuncheng, Shanxi, is entitled with honor as the “Wu Sheng” because of his Loyalty, Justice, Mercy and Brave. He is enjoying the equal fame with the “Wen Sheng” Confucius. Guandi Temple was established in 589 AC of Sui Dynasty. It is Located in North and face to South, and the area of the temple occupied around 15 Ha.  Guandi Temple started to accept tourist since 1978, and was announced as the National Cultural Heritage Site in 1988. Guandi Temple is famous all over the world for its long history, grand scale, and extraordinary momentum.


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